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 This place.
This moment.
This world.
Love. Hate.


 there is still hope in this world...



 There's an ounce of hope left in this world,
For someone like me,
Who wants to succeed...



 Fifteen days...
And fifteen days to go...

More than yesterday...

 Yesterday was yesterday...
Today is today...
So why does it feel...
So fabulous today?


 Less than a week, 
And there's no math to the matter,
The fraction isn't over one...
For the sequence became fatter.
Raise a hand,
Raise a voice,
Speak the truth...
For all have a voice.

The Sixteenth...

 On my way...during my day...
Jumping in the puddles, 
Leaping through the snow,
For on a cold bitter day,
There is nowhere else to go.
It's the sixteenth of december,
The year is just ending...
But through the snow,
My life is beginning.
Pick up a snowflake,
Glare and stare,
The sixteenth snowflake hits my face...
And still, it means something special to me.

The Show...

 Pack your bags,
Get up and go, 
Because tomorrow,
There's another show.

The Wire...

 Welcome to the circus,
This is my show,
We have clowns and people who breathe fire,
There are three people on high wires, and I'm one of them.
The first wire walker steps out with a net underneath,
He falls on his second step.
The second wire walker steps out with a net underneath,
He falls in the middle.
Then I come out,
I'm the third and final one.
All is status quo, 
But wait,
The net is pulled out from under.
Without a safe place to fall, 
And without a way out.
My mind is rushing, racing, dreaming, spinning, wishing,
If I fall, what will catch me?
But still,
I stepped out onto the wire.
For I have never been one to play it safe.
Halfway across
I hear booing and jeering.
My eyes did begin tearing.
But then I looked straight ahead...
And the landing is right there.
I walked 6 more steps,
And I was there...
From the edge of reason,
To the end in the beginning.
No matter how many boos or jeers,
I always was the one,
Who controlled my winnings. 

On A Clear Day You Can See Forever...

 It was once said,
That I could do anything i put my mind to.
Yesterday told me everything that I'm capable of,
And today, 
As I looked outside my window,
The clouds parted, 
And I felt as if I knew all along,
All along,
What I can do.
On a clear day you can see forever,
The skies open up and you can see,
The bright city lights,
That beckon me,
To the place I always wanted to be.